It’s that time of year where I wax rhapsodic about Klaus by Grant Morrison. I pulled my treasured original issues out over the weekend (there’s a trade paperback available) and will be reading them over the holiday, just like I do every year.

“Klaus is a Santa Claus origin story, reinventing Father Christmas as a crusader against injustice and a rough-and-tumble, Conan the Barbarian-esque superhero. The series draws upon early Viking and Siberian Santa Claus mythology, but also aims to be contemporary, portraying a much cooler and fiercer Santa than the one usually known to come to town every December 25.”

It might sound a little silly, but it’s rather magical, heart-felt and totally awesome. There are 4 one-shot follow-ups as well.

Grant Morrison wrote something special here, I still don’t know how, exactly, but it feels like it was written for me. The story even very subtly pulls its plot from one of my favorite Rankin & Bass holiday specials.

And this was the first of Dan Mora’s artwork I’d seen. He’s now one of my absolute favorites, up there with Becky Cloonan.

I can’t wait to curl up with some hot tea and a cozy blanket and revisit these very special adventures with Santa Claus.