“You don’t become great by trying to be great. You become great by wanting to do something, and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process.” – Zombie!Marie Curie

I put my heart and soul into all of the things on this page. It’s rarely easy, it’s always satisfying, and often times it’s even good. I hope you check them out and use them and get something out of your time spent with them. I make them for myself, but I also make them for you. There is never enough beauty and kindness in our world. I do what I can to lighten the load.

Luna Station Press

This is the home of my writing output and that of dear friends and family. It also acts as the mothership to the vital and vibrant Luna Station Quarterly. As we say on the site: Small but mighty. A passion for stories. Fiercely independent.

Luna Station Quarterly

Born out of a hunger to see more women’s stories in the world, I started LSQ as a one-person operation and grown it into a lively, important little magazine with a full compliment of editors and bloggers. We’ve proudly published over 400 authors from around the world in our 9+ years.


A text-based game engine built in javascript, Plastic is purpose-built to be agnostic in it’s language. Rather than conforming to a “battle” paradigm, the engine’s “interaction”, “gear” and “meter” tools can be used for anything from a traditional RPG to a lesson on cooking and anything else a developer can imagine. As it grows, tools for non-technical game writers will be added, making Plastic accessible to anyone with a game idea and the passion to build it.

Working in tech is amazing, but it’s also a path fraught with opportunities for burnout and other risks to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual (whatever your beliefs) health. I myself struggle with this daily and so as I was gathering resources to help keep burnout at bay, I decided to share them with others. The response has been tremendous and many lovely people have added their own resources as well. I hope you visit the site and take something away with you to keep you safe and healthy.

A Quantity of Stuff

I’ve been writing about technology for a little while now and am beginning to do so more and more. Partly to share what I’ve learned over the years and save someone else a few steps. Mostly to get all the knowledge in my head down in a tangible form, that I can look at it anew and see the gaps that need to be filled. The posts here range a bit, some more technical and others focusing more on the human factor in all these bits and bytes. It’s also home to my resume.

Fictional Things

I write stories. Many of them are short, some are long. Fiction is a place to explore who I am and bring back something new I never knew about myself. I see me in every character I write, pieces of myself exploded to a larger proportion and taking on their own lives. I invite you into the worlds I’ve created. There is often tea and a sweet dog within, though do remember to ask the fairies before taking a cookie from the tray.


A commonplace book is a place to compile knowledge, quotes, observations, etc. Newsletters feel like a note from a friend so I use this one to share my ponderings and bits of wisdom I’ve uncovered as well as what I’m reading, listening to, and other digital ephemera.

Champions & Challengers

Part playing cards, part introspection tool, this deck provides a myriad of ways to play traditional card games, generate role-playing scenarios, explore spirit with the Lenormand-influenced special cards, and also create your own unique games. Use them however you’d like, and I’d love to hear about what you do with them!

The Lightning Bug Strategy

What if we looked at each and every bug in a program as a friend instead of an enemy? What if each problem was an opportunity to learn, to improve our skills and to get better at solving the problems that follow?

Web Development Resources

These are the resources that I’ve found most useful over the years. They cover a wide range of topics I’ve studied while deepening my knowledge and developing my skills. Goodness that needs a better name!

Succinct Tools

A fairly new project to create a collection of simple, thoughtfully created, well-documented boilerplate projects for building web applications.

Awesome Writing

An awesome list of information to help developers write better, kinder, more helpful documentation and learning materials.

Programming Curricula

I curate a new curriculum for each area of study I delve into. Organized in public Trello boards (it’s a great system for me) they cover articles, tutorials, courses, books, and whatever else I find that helps me along the way.