Weekends are for rest and planning

I’m finding that I don’t have anything in the tank on the weekends to do any fun coding. I really want to, but I’m keeping burnout at bay.

Last weekend I tried to create a simple “Where do I post this thought I had” flowchart tool. I worked on it for three hours and came away with some borked logic and not much to show for it.

This failed experiment showed me that I really do need to take the time and rest to recover those overworked mental muscles. I’m not complaining, really, as I’m learning a ton on the job. I’m becoming a better developer on a daily basis, but there’s nothing extra left when I’m done.

So, what to do? Planning!

I want to rip Plastic apart and rebuild it from the ground up. I have a lot of questions to ask myself. What do I want it to do? What does an interaction look like? Can I build it without adding any libraries? Should it even be in javascript?

Sketching out a few demo game ideas would be helpful in figuring that out, too.

This is exciting! This means that despite being tired, there is still enthusiasm, the lifeblood of any side project. Now I’ve also found a way I can do something tangible with that excitement and move the project forward.

Focus music

When I’m coding, sometimes I’ll put on various game soundtracks on Spotify.

I don’t listen to soundtracks for games I already play. I know the music too well and it’s distracting. I focus on trying out music from stuff I’ve never played.

Besides getting music that helps me focus, as a bonus I end up discovering interesting games I’d never heard of before and probably wouldn’t have found any other way.

It’s pretty awesome, though it does mean my Steam wishlist gets even longer.

Cranky Tech Rant #1

(#1 because yeah, there will be more)

I am really tired and a bit angry at people calling themselves “React Developers”.

No. Please. You are a JavaScript developer working in React.

Just like right now I’m a Ruby developer working in Rails.

It’s really easy to lose sight of the language at the core, and the fundamentals that go with it, if we forget what the foundation is for these frameworks.

This could be expanded to saying “You are a DEVELOPER” and please don’t put a language-specific label on it, but then, that’s because I like being a polyglot. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea, for sure.