Weekly Focus 2018: 12.09-12.15


  • Plan next 4 weeks’ goals
  • Finish comp-sci courses
  • Read Redux docs
  • Finish React docs


  • Research user account options
  • Research Node/Express backend


  • Reopen the files and refresh my memory
  • Consider finding collaborators


  • Fix user interaction functionality
  • Write readme and todos
  • Clean up Typescript


  • Prep for blog team meeting
  • Read stories
  • Prep June subs forms
  • Push for proofreaders


  • Organize Astyrred
  • Organize comics, make new list
  • Finish Tiger’s Daughter

This looks like a very long list and I would agree except my day job is currently to study a lot. I’m trying to make the most of this precious time. As far as I know, I’ve got about 4 weeks left, so I’m establishing a few goals.

I’ve learned a lot about React and feel close to confident I could jump on a project and be productive. I think reading the docs for the various parts will help solidify that knowledge. The work I do on Cuppa will also help reinforce and expand what I’ve learned.

There’s a lot of LSQ work to do and a few of m plans have gotten a bit off track. I’m hoping to clean that up a bit.

Having settled on Notion for organizing the Astyrred stuff, I can now start planning in earnest. Time to play archaeologist with my own work!