Updated: Mar. 21th, 2019

I’m currently…

  • Learning a lot of JavaScript details
  • In a bit of a rut creatively
  • Enjoying my new Kobo for reading more long form essays
  • Looking forward to spring

I’m working on…

  • Prepping to start up Storybin development again
  • Finishing Cuppa basic features
  • Pondering and prepping for my next novel

Books on my bedside table…

Recently Read

This year…

Is, as always, about doing my best to figure out my next steps and how to get where I want to be. I’m especially focused on recovering my reading brain and remembering how to shut down and rest.

This month…

Is almost over! It’s going too quickly and I’m not resting enough. I hope to get a bit more balanced soon.


  • Keeping my mental and physical health in balance
  • Learning when to shut down and rest my brain
  • Listening to what I’m being told instead of what I think I’m hearing

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