Updated: Dec. 5th, 2018

I’m currently…

  • Still waiting for post-surgery healing to finish up already
  • Starting the writing process of a huge work
  • Reading more long form and less social media
  • Learning a hell of a lot of React

I’m working on…

  • Luna Station Quarterly year 10 planning
  • Building Storybin and lagging behind
  • A tea collection tracking app

Books on my bedside table…

Recently Read

This year…

Is, as always, about doing my best to figure out my next steps and how to get where I want to be. I’m especially focused on recovering my reading brain.

This month…

I’m continuing to refine my React skills, though I want to dig a bit deeper into general CS stuff, too. I’m also poking at a massive writing project that I’ve had on ice for the last couple of years. Resurrecting it is a bit like being an archeologist of my own mind.


  • Keeping my mental and physical health in balance
  • Learning to not let all the bad news get me down and leave me hopeless
  • Wanting to organize my writing and other bits of my life, but not wanting to get bogged down in the process

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