Recent Reads 2019: 02.19 – 03.21

How Marie Kondo Helped Me Sort Out My Gender – them.
“Presenting myself now, in a way that’s honest about how I’ve always mentally straddled the gender divide, I also feel the cruelty of gender-segregated spaces more sharply.” So much of myself reflected in this essay.- – – – –

Tyrannosaurus Rex: The Once and Future King – The New York Times
“Dr. Norell said T. rex has helped foster a surge in dinosaur paleontology over the last 20 years, evident in the rising number of researchers and new fossils, and in the increasing sophistication of techniques to study the finds. ‘In the last 30 years, the number of tyrannosaurs has increased threefold,’ he said. In terms of technology, ‘it’s a different world.’ Dr. Erickson added: ‘The golden age of paleontology is right now.'”- – – – –

Leaving Room for the Beautiful Flowers
Nah, I said. “This is enough. It’s enough for us to eat and to have enough to share with our neighbors. This way, it still leaves room for beautiful flowers, and the beautiful yard and the shared food are like insurance payments, in a way. When hard times happen, we will have a bank of goodwill with our neighbors we are counting on to see us through.”- – – – –

The World’s Last Blockbuster Has No Plans to Close – The New York Times
“One possible explanation for the store’s long life: Bend is in a region that the city’s mayor, Sally Russell, describes as having “huge expanses with really small communities” that often do not have easy access to the high-speed internet necessary for content streaming.”

– – – – –

At Start-Ups, the Free Lunch Is Yours for the Making – The New York Times
Ms. Jennings is known around the office for her kitchenette cooking. Her signature dish? The personal “work pizza,” which makes use of complimentary bread, sriracha and Babybel. Jennings bakes these ingredients in the toaster oven for about four and a half minutes, until the cheese begins to brown.- – – – –

From Mobb Deep Rapper, A Cookbook For Healthy Eating — In Prison : The Salt : NPR
“And perhaps reading Commissary Kitchen and other prison cookbooks can ‘give people more of an understanding of the kind of people that are locked up in jail,’ Prodigy says. ‘You have people there from all walks of life: people who made mistakes and have to deal with the consequences, mothers and fathers. You wouldn’t expect them to be behind bars.’ But there they are, feeding themselves and just trying to get to know each other over a home-cooked meal.”- – – – –

The People Who Eat the Same Lunch Every Day – The Atlantic
“Last year, Loomis retired from his job but not his lunch, which he still eats three or four days a week (now with sliced bananas instead of jelly). ‘I never stopped liking it,’ he says. ‘I still do.'”- – – – –

Central Park Detective Retires With the Horse He Rode In On – The New York Times
“The horseman of Central Park stopped on a grassy plateau to survey the terrain, from the North Meadow to his left, the Great Lawn ahead and Strawberry Fields due south. As cyclists and joggers plied the winding park drives, a nonstop stream of tourists approached the hard-to-miss horseman. They sought directions or a photograph of him and Trooper, his stately horse.”- – – – –

Mercury Is in Retrograde. Don’t Be Alarmed. – The New York Times
“Both Ms. Miller and Ms. Nicholas said that there were positive aspects to Mercury being in retrograde, and that it was a good opportunity to look back, reflect and regroup.”- – – – –

Sexuality, Disability and the Journey to Inner Freedom | The Mighty
“Where does that leave you? These ideals cannot usually be achieved at all, and if they can it is for but a moment in youth. There is a serious disconnect between the media’s image of beauty and actual human biology. If you really think about it, the traditional standard of beauty in this country is a terrible standard by which to measure oneself.”- – – – –

A brief history of when men sold their wives at market, and why some women enthusiastically consented to it –
“Flogging your wife at a cattle market may seem grotesquely abusive, but the vast majority of these sales were carried out with the full and enthusiastic consent of the wife.”- – – – –

Now, There Is Zero Proof That Alcohol Is What Makes A Great Cocktail : The Salt : NPR
“She was won over, however, when she met Ben Branson, who was inspired to create Seedlip when he came across a 17th-century book, The Art of Distillation. Written by physician John French, the volume contained recipes for distilled nonalcoholic remedies for a variety of maladies — from epilepsy to kidney stones. Branson had other ideas.”