Weekly Focus 2018: 10-28-11.3

  • LSQ
    • Website rebuild
    • Editor’s Ephemera column
    • Issue production
    • Reading stories
  • Storybin tests
  • Studying
    • Custom React starter kit
    • Plan tea app
    • Rails api/proxy fix
    • Comp Sci study
    • Ruby OOP book
    • YDKJS books
  • Enrichment
    • Short story draft
    • Prep book release

A bit out from surgery and it’s time to start getting all this exciting stuff done.

LSQ moves forward even when I don’t. My planning sessions earlier this fall are showing their worth now as I have some wiggle room to absorb being out of commission for a bit.

That list looks long but much of it is copy/paste work or reading or basic issue production I can do with my eyes closed at this point. A good time to get some music listening in!

I am bound and determined to get those Storybin tests finished this week. I have put them off for far too long. They don’t need to be perfect or even complete at this point, they just need to be done enough to trust the happy path.

While I’m benched at work I have a chance to get a lot of studying done. I want to try to bounce around a little and get some reading done as well. Finding the balance between practical application skill acquisition and deepening my knowledge remains tricky for me.

After all the trials last week with all my config issues on various sample environments I’m inspired to make my own projects as easy to set up as possible.

In between all of this good work, I have some writing to do. Next time I sit down with my story-in-progress I’m going to just dump out the rest of the rough draft. It can be a mess. I’ve spent so long editing my novel into shape that I need to remember how to cut loose and just write again.

Speaking of the novel, I ahve to get myself together for its release. Even if it’s just some basic planning, my author website and the book website deserve a little love this week.

I’m doing my best not to feel behind after basically taking the last week off side projects. There is always a ton of stuff to do so my best approach is just lining things up and knocking them down and occasionally I get to send something lovely out into the world.