Storybin: Sprint retro #1


  • Spike: journal this thing
  • Review Bulma
  • Set up postgres
  • Set up rspec
  • Set up capybara
  • Set up rubocop
  • Set up overcommit
  • Set up devise
  • Write rspecs for Users
  • Create users and roles
  • Set up rubocop extension in VS Code
  • Set up annotate
  • Create basic static homepage
  • Clean up user form styling and logic
  • Set up Devise mailers
  • Set up shoulda-matchers

What went well?

  • Was able to find most of the resources I needed to get to creating the app
  • Managed to revert Simple Form without crying
  • Devise setup was nice and straightforward

What needs improvement?

  • Bulma has a few quirks or something not working in navbar
  • Less getting lost in the weeds on configuration. Try defaults before playing with stuff.
  • Rspec tests


Over all it was a good sprint. In some ways I got further than I thought I would, with the exception of testing.

I was surprised by how much configuration I ended up doing. For a framework with a philosophy of “convention over configuration” there was a lot of config to do. I put that more on the gem developers than on Rails itself, which did indeed feel more straightforward.

I was frustrated that I didn’t get as much done on the functionality because config took so long and omg I was so underprepared for Rspec and tests to be so complicated. It’s basically a framework inside a framework, so the learning curve there is steep af.

I didn’t get to deploy to heroku yet, so that’s more config that needs to be done.

I don’t think it was an awful sprint, but I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ve got done by the end of the next one.